Financial Planner - We'll train you!

• Are you looking for a new professional career? • Do you want to do something that you can genuinely love and be proud of? • Do you want to become qualified in an industry that could take you far? • Can you identify with the life issues faced by the current generation of North Easterners approaching retirement?

About Us

From a technical and regulatory viewpoint, we are Independent Financial Advisers. However, we operate completely differently from traditional financial advice firms because we do not focus solely on selling financial products. Instead, we use our PlanHappy life coaching service to help people plan their life and retirement and enable them to enjoy their desired lifestyle free from worry.

So this fantastic role really is a combined Life Coach and Financial Planner.

We operate from The Planning Rooms at Preston Farm, Stockton on Tees and serve clients throughout Teesside and Darlington. We have a growing team of 35 people and a significant amount of clients’ investment funds under our management.

We tend to recruit from outside the Financial Services Industry so that our people aren’t ingrained with the ‘normal’ way of selling financial products, as we do things so differently here.

Instead, we focus on people who can bring the nous and experience to be a great coach and we train them in the technical aspects of financial advice.

You get a fantastic new career and we get an exceptional person that we can train in our unique process.

The Opportunity

We're looking for people who match the following:
  • Have a calm and trustworthy aura
  • Are personable and likeable
  • Can read people and challenge them on their limiting beliefs
  • Have had experience of 'life' and can empathise
  • Can explain technical information simply and clearly and with confidence
  • Prefers the sound of other people's voices to their own
  • Can listen, diagnose and coach
  • Who can sell our service by offering trust and comfort in it
  • Has a head for numbers and people
  • Are a really nice person
  • Can study for and pass the Level 4 qualification 'Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning'

Do you have the right experience?

The role is open to anyone of any age and any experience. Your experience in life to date is what we help you harness into a tool for helping others. It’s up to you to assess whether you feel that you can see yourself succeeding in this role and are prepared to put in the work, commitment and self-belief. You don’t necessarily need experience of financial services, pensions or investments. We can teach you that.

Existing financial qualifications are not required however, you will be studying for the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning which is a level 4 qualification so academic study is something that you should be comfortable with.

You will be expected to study in your own time although support and study sessions are provided.

Once completed, you will proceed with the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning which is a Level 6 qualification.

Fitness & Propriety:

We are required to register you with the FCA as a Controlled Function in order for you to see clients. This includes an assessment on your fitness and propriety for a role advising people on their investment and pensions. Previous convictions, credit problems and bankruptcies would likely hinder your chances of satisfying the FCA.

  • A genuine opportunity for the right person to enjoy a new career
  • Support to achieve the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning 
  • Employer contributory pension scheme 
  • Rapid package growth when competencies are achieved and qualifications are awarded
  • Get out of bed every day and work with nice people doing a nice job working with nice clients in a nice place 
  • Be part of something unique and special that adds value to our clients
  • Have a job in a company that supports and champions the human outcome for all, our team and our clients

The starting salary is £25,000 per annum which increases to £40,000 as your qualifications and experience progresses. 

We are hosting an Open Evening for anyone who may be interested in this position. There is no obligation to apply, you are simply welcome to come along and find out more. This could be a big decision, especially if you are considering a career change.

We do request that you register to attend the Open Evening so we can make sure everyone is accommodated. 

Alternatively, please email us with an overview of who you are and why you think you'd make a great Financial Planner, with a copy of your CV, to