Who we are

We're Independent Advisers, Retirement Planners and Pension Transfer Specialists. We'll focus on you as an individual and what you want from life. Then we'll work out how to use your financial assets to get you there. We're easy to find on Preston Farm, round the corner from the Garden Centre, just in between Mercedes and Porsche. Pop in and say hello.

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What we do

We PlanHappy. This is our unique process that helps us support you in determining exactly what you want from life. What do you want to do more of? Less of? Or not at all? This could be more fun and less work! Because the answer to these questions is different for everyone, our process is unique to you. Very simply - if you're in the North East and are considering your pension options or retirement - you need to come and talk to us.

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How we do it

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We're looking for more fantastic people to join our team!

Looking for a completely new challenge? Are you a professional seeking a career change? Or are you a Graduate looking for a Trainee programme? Check out our careers page below for some great opportunities to join us.

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