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Happiness comes in different forms for each of us. For some it may just be the comfort that you have enough to live worry free. For others it could be seeing the world or buying a holiday home. Let us help you find yours.

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Chances are you found us because of a question.....

Should I transfer my Final Salary Pension?

A guy at work retired early and I want to know if I can?

I want to know if I'll always have enough and not run out of money in retirement?

How can I make sure my family are looked after when I'm gone?

I want to worry less about it all........

That's precisely where we step in.

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Your initial chat really is no obligation. You've got nothing to lose by coming to see us and finding out what we do. We'll talk to you like normal people, making the jargon simple and your options clear.

We have a lovely, bespoke office. We are very welcoming and we make a great cuppa.

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Pension Transfer Specialists

If you are considering the alternatives for your Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension scheme, we're one of the few Pension Transfer Specialists in the area. This means we are qualified and regulated to offer advice on these types of pensions. Not everyone is! Pension freedoms are becoming more mainstream and we can help you discover your options.

We've worked with clients from large local employers such as British Steel, Husqvarna, Northern Powergrid, Sabic and Quorn and others.

But we equally work with clients who've had multiple pensions across their working life with smaller organisations.


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