The Manyweathers came to us specifically looking for the best possible return on their investments and to get an income from their investments. Security and trust were their top priorities. Before starting their journey with Joslin Rhodes, Mr and Mrs Manyweathers were worried about whether they had enough to retire comfortably and sustain the lifestyle they enjoy.

The particular outcome they were looking for was to not have to worry about money.

They were nervous at first but one of Helen's favourite parts was 'seeing Paul so relieved' that they could live the life they wanted.

They both enjoyed completing the booklets and thinking about the elements of their life that make them happy.

As long standing clients, they're enjoying our services even more now that year 1 has been completed and they can see the benefits our process brings.

Of the Joslin Rhodes services available Paul and Helen took advantage of our Retirement Planning Advice, Pension Advice and Protection (Estate Planning) services to create a complete and long lasting financial road map.

Now that their initial journey is complete, Paul and Helen feel that Joslin Rhodes are 'Fantastic - can't recommend enough' and that what we provide is unique with great attention to detail.

Paul and Helen have already recommended Joslin Rhodes to their friends and give us a 5 star rating.

Some comments from Paul and Helen....

"We have now been fortunate enough to give some money to our children. We've been given the confidence to live the lifestyle we want without any worry. We like the unbiased, independent opinion and that they talk in normal language, explaining everything in a clear way that we can understand. We don't feel guilty about spending the money we've worked hard for."