Step 1: Explore & Plan

In order to advise you if you have enough and if you'll always have enough, we need to help you work out - Enough for What?

Plan Happy Process Stage 1 - Explore and Plan

Where you are now

We'll research your existing assets and give projections of their future value. We'll also analyse their efficiency, performance and suitability for you.

Where you want to be
We'll help you create a definable vision of your ideal future lifestyle. We'll provide coaching to help you through this process, so we both have a clear understanding of the desired outcome.

How much is 'enough'?
We'll look at your basic costs now and help you work out what the future expenditure might be in your ideal lifestyle. We'll also map out how that expenditure is likely to change as you move through life.

Do you have enough and will you always have enough?

We'll provide you with a clear financial plan. This will include cashflow modelling, scenarios for different events, the impact of the care system and your future legacy. We'll also show you if you're already there (have enough!) and if not, what you might need to get there.

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Stage One:
Site Survey

This is where we'll look at your current financial situation. We'll have a chat about where you are now, where you want to be and how we can help you. We'll help track down all of your existing pensions and policies, then we'll contact them for up to date information. We'll obtain a state pension forecast and analyse what you already have in place.

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Stage Two:
Your Investment Comfort Zone

Most financial decisions involve risk and we need to understand what level of risk you're most comfortable with. We'll ask some straightforward questions that will allow us to analyse what type of risk profile suits you best. This ensures any advice or recommendations we give are suitable for your risk profile.

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Stage Three:
Design Coaching

We'll work with you to identify what a great outcome looks like for your money and your life. We'll look at what keeps you awake at night and what is that 'Once in a Lifetime' thing you've always wanted to do. You’ve worked hard to earn your assets, we'll ask you to be a bit selfish and think about why you were doing that for all that time if not to give you the freedom to do what you want now. Once you’ve done that, our job will be to show you how to make it financially possible. If you grew up in a family where money wasn’t really talked about, or where there was a ‘make do and mend’ attitude, be assured that this is a safe place where you can experiment with your ideas and putting it all down on paper for discussion. There are no silly answers. If what makes you happy is pottering in the garden, or making sure your children are secure, that’s great, but if your happy looks more like bungee jumping in South Africa then we need to know so we can help you plan for that too, financially

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Stage Four:
Outline Sketch

This is where we take all of the information we've gathered, both your financial data and your ideas around a great result for you. We'll show various scenarios showing the likely future outcomes of any decisions you make now.

We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each different route, the choices available to you and help you focus on the questions that really matter, so you make the most informed decisions next.

We'll carefully and clearly explain the options in the Outline Sketches but you may find that they need some fine tuning. Maybe you'd like to consider some alternative outcomes or have changed your mind about some of the things you wanted in your Plan.

This is your journey and we'll guide you through it, with all the time and various options you need to consider, so you are sure, and we're confident, that you are getting the best advice for your circumstances.

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Stage Five:
Working Plan

Once all the uncertainty is removed, all your questions have been answered and you've highlighted all of the best bits from the Outline Sketches, we'll produce your Working Plan. We'll discuss it with you and make sure it gives you the outcomes you're happy with.