Step 1: Explore & Plan

In order to advise you if you have enough and if you'll always have enough, we need to help you work out - Enough for What?

Plan Happy Process Stage 1 - Explore and Plan

Where you are now

We'll research your existing assets and give projections of their future value. We'll also analyse their efficiency, performance and suitability for you. We'll help track down all of your existing pensions and policies, then we'll contact them for up to date information. We'll obtain a state pension forecast and analyse what you already have in place.

Where you want to be

We'll help you create a definable vision of your ideal future lifestyle. We'll provide coaching to help you through this process, so we both have a clear understanding of the desired outcome.

How much is 'enough'?

We'll look at your basic costs now and help you work out what the future expenditure might be in your ideal lifestyle. We'll also map out how that expenditure is likely to change as you move through life. This is your journey and we'll guide you through it, so you are sure, and we're confident, that you are getting the best advice for your circumstances.

Do you have enough and will you always have enough?

We'll provide you with a clear financial plan. This will include cashflow modelling, scenarios for different events, the impact of the care system and your future legacy. We'll also show you if you're already there (have enough!) and if not, what you might need to get there.

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