Step 2: Specify & Build

Now we'll look at what we need to do, to put those lovely plans into action!

Plan Happy Process Stage 2 - Specify and Build

Making the most of it

Once we've analysed all of your existing plans, we'll identify any changes that need to be made or gaps that should be filled.

Making it happen

Once we have your full agreement, we'll produce all of the necessary paperwork and contact all of the providers. Making sure everything is implemented accurately.

Making it all clear

We'll make sure you understand everything we're recommending and why it's right for you. We'll answer any questions and alleviate any concerns.

Specialist Reports

During the Specify and Build stage we can also look at any Specialist Reports such as Transfer Value Analysis Report (TVAS).

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Stage One:
Materials Specification

Once we've analysed all of your existing financial assets and agreed your Working Plan with you, we'll look at whether your existing assets need to be retained, adjusted, transferred or replaced. We'll also specify any new financial products you might need.

We'll meet with you to talk through the Materials Specification report and cover all the important areas such as accessibility, cost, risk and investment strategy.

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Stage Two:
Specialist Report

If you are exploring the option of a Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension scheme transfer then we need to produce a Specialist Report called a Transfer Value Analysis Report (TVAS).

We are authorised and regulated to give advice about all pension schemes and produce this report for you. Not all Financial Advisors are.

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Stage Three:
The Build

When everything has been tweaked and agreed so that you're completely happy, we'll manage the whole process to implement the plans and products specified. We'll complete all the paperwork, deal with all third parties and conduct any transfers and withdrawals, as required.

We'll build the plan exactly as agreed and take responsibility for it being done correctly. We have the full regulatory backup of the FCA, FOS and FSCS.

Once we've done everything we said we would, we'll review everything that has happened with you.

We'll answer any final questions and make sure you can access all of your accounts. This is also a bit of a celebration that your plan is now reality.