PlanHappy Planning Step

Step 1: Explore & Plan

Come and see us for a chat about your circumstances, what your concerns are and what you're trying to achieve

This is where we start to dig a little into what it is you hope to achieve with your pensions and investments, we'll explore your questions and analyse your existing policies. Then we'll produce sketches, charts and outline plans to show you your potential options and the financial choices you could make.

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Specify and Build Step

Step 2: Specify & Build

We'll give full advice and recommendations on how to put your financial plans into action. Then we'll do all the hard work for you.

Once we've helped you plan your desired outcome, we'll research and specify all the products that you need to achieve it. We'll give you full advice and recommendations in a report which details any policies or investments required. Then we'll draw up all the paperwork and implement everything, taking responsibility for making sure it's done correctly.

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Protect Step

Step 3: Protect

We'll chat with you about your thoughts for how you'd like your money to be dealt with and managed, when you no longer can.

We'll discuss Wills, Trusts, Inheritance Tax, Care Fees and Power of Attorney. We'll guide you through the options, your concerns and any potential issues you may have. Then we can work with you to create the relevant legal documents.

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Maintain and improve step

Step 4: Maintain & Improve

We'll be with you every step of the way and making sure everything stays on track. Even if the track changes.

We'll ensure your investments are looked after and regularly adjusted in line with market conditions. You'll receive an annual report to let you know how things are going and if we recommended any changes. We'll also have catch ups with you so you can keep us updated on your circumstances. We'll review your plan and work with you to make the necessary improvements as your life changes. You just need to keep enjoying life with complete peace of mind.

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