Protecting Your Assets

Planning for your financial future now is a great idea. We'll chat with you about which areas are potentially at risk and how to deal with those so you can rest easy. We'll talk about Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Care Fees and Inheritance Tax Planning. We'll help you decide which legal documents you need and our Legal Team will draft them for you.

Widely held assumptions
Unfortunately many people believe that their spouse will be able to look after their financial matters and care decisions when they can't. But this isn't the case and any loss of capacity can have severe implications for those around you.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Whilst you're fit and well you should consider nominating the people who you trust to look after your affairs, whether this be property & finances or health & welfare.

Care Fees Planning
At some point in the future you may need care in your own home for assisted independence or the use of a care home. With some careful planning you can prepare for the costs this will bring.

Inheritance Tax and Legacy Planning
Again, assumptions in this area can leave those you care about most without the legacy you intended for them. Resolving all of these issues is fairly straightforward and we can help you plan to ensure your wishes are actually carried out.

Protecting Your Happy

Yes, it's a little depressing to think about now, but planning how you want to protect your assets in the future will give you a great sense of peace and the freedom to enjoy life today, knowing tomorrow is taken care of.

This is the part where we'll discuss all of the ways you'd like to protect your assets and structure your Will so that your final wishes have the legal status required to be carried out in the way you intended.

We'll talk about each of the areas where you have concerns and guide you through the solutions. We'll also be clear about the costs associated and how long each process takes. We'll give a Protection Survey report to take away and digest before making any final decisions.

We'll design the relevant legal documents with you, helping you to structure them effectively to achieve your desired outcome. Then we'll draft all of the documents and carefully check them with you to make sure we have fully understood your wishes.

You'll be invited to our offices to sign your estate planning protection documents so that they can be activated and have legal purpose.

We understand that these documents are very important to you and we will store them for you at our secure facility if you would like us to do so.

Ready to start planning your happy?

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