Final Salary Pension Transfer Advice

When you need professional advice from an FCA registered adviser to help you clearly understand your options for Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension transfers, you need us. We have a huge amount of experience in this field and we'll make sure you're equipped to make the right choice for you.

Not every adviser can advise

When it comes to giving specialist advice on Defined Benefit pension schemes, advisers need an additional level of permissions and qualifications. We have those, plus lots of experience.

We'll empower you to make a choice

We will give you a personalised recommendation that takes all of your details into account, not just the numbers and legislation. We'll remove the jargon and make your options clear.

We can help with any pension scheme

We can also advise on Defined Contribution, employer pension schemes or private pensions. We'll advise on whether transferring some, any or all is the right thing for you.

We do all the work

If you decide that transferring is right for you, we'll take care of everything. Working with pension providers and processing any paperwork.

Let's have a chat

We offer a completely free consultation with one of our financial planners to talk through your options. Our offices in Stockton-on-Tees are just off the A66, so we're in easy reach of Darlington, Middlesbrough, Durham and surrounding areas. Give us a call today or drop us an email, and find out how we can help.