Final Salary Pension Transfers

We are one of the few Pension Transfer specialists in Teesside, North Yorkshire and Darlington. So when you need an expert, call us.


When you need advice from an FCA registered adviser to handle Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension transfers, you need us. We have a huge amount of experience in this field and we'll make sure you're equipped to make the right choice for you.

Not every adviser can advise

When it comes to giving specialist advice on Defined Benefit pension schemes, advisers need an additional level of permissions and qualifications. We have those, plus lots of experience.

We'll empower you to make a choice

We will give you a personalised recommendation that takes all of your details into account, not just the numbers and legislation. We'll remove the jargon and make your options clear.

We can help with any pension scheme

We can also advise on Defined Contribution, employer pension schemes or private pensions. We'll advise on whether transferring some, any or all is the right thing for you.

We do all the work

If you decide that transferring is right for you, we'll take care of everything. Working with pension providers and processing any paperwork.


These are the ones that pop up most often, but with such a specialist area, the best thing to do is come and talk to us.

Neither do we! Yet. But with the right questions we can evaluate your options and give you clear advice on whether to consider tranferring your pension, or not.

If you don't have a CETV, your pension scheme may allow you to request one.

The CETV places a monetary value on the pension scheme benefits you are entitled to, within the Defined Benefit scheme, and having a cash equivalent can present you with the option to transfer that value into another type of pension scheme, if its clear that another scheme has options which could be preferable to you, for example, greater flexibility.

Our process will be thorough and diligent so that we can be certain of providing you with the most appropriate advice for your needs. If you are considering transferring, the scheme trustees are required by law to confirm that you have received advice from an FCA registered adviser, with the correct permissions and qualifications, where the CETV exceeds £30,000. Not all financial advisers can provide this advice. We can.

This is fairly common. If you've worked for a few different employers, or set up a private pension in the past, you may have a collection of old pensions that you haven't looked at for some time.

We can help by getting a clear picture on exactly what you have now and start to assess whether they are in the right place for you.

There are so many types of pension available so understanding what's right for you and your specific goals is what's important.

Don't worry if you don't have all the paperwork. Come and see as we can work it all out.

Like everything, pensions have changed over time. As have the laws and legislations saying what we can and can't do with them.

The features and benefits of pension schemes vary and some can be more attractive than others, in terms of suitability for your specific circumstances.

The things to consider would be flexbility, access options, charging structures or simply quality of service and access to information. However the most important factor is whether your pension or pensions meet your needs and allow you to reach your retirement goals.

We can advise if its appropriate for you to consider moving your pensions to a new provider or consolidating a number of pensions into one scheme, or actually if its best to leave them exactly where they are.

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