Pension Drawdown

An explanation of what it is and the advantages and potential risks of drawdown all made clear.


When you want to make the most of the flexible aspects of your pension or have a more accessible way to release your funds, drawdown can be a great solution. But seek advice first!

The rules do change
As time moves on and pension rules change, so does the ability to enter drawdown. Today there is more flexibility than ever but with flexibility comes more decision making and more potential risk. However risk can be minimised with the right advice.

The main attractions
Flexibility is the buzz word here. You can decide how often and how much, you have full control. You can nominate anyone you like to receive the value of your drawdown when you die (*beware tax implications*). You can continue to invest your funds as you wish and you may still have the option to purchase an annuity.

Some things to consider
Sometimes freedom isn't a good thing! There are risks associated with your investment choices and you could lose money. Naturally there is the potential for your fund to run out quicker than you anticipated, if you don't have a controlled spending plan. Drawing down large sums can bring fairly heavy tax burdens.

We've got you covered
This is a very simplified explanation and there are many more things to consider. We would never advise going into drawdown without the support of a trusted, qualified financial adviser. We're experts and will make your choices and their implications clear, leaving you worry free to enjoy your money.


This is a simplified overview of the queries we receive most often. Any decisions you need to make about drawdown should be taken with proper advice and recommendations from an adviser - like us!

This ties in with the age from which you can access your pension.

In most cases this will be the normal minimum pension age of 55 but there are exceptional circumstances where this might be different.

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